Tera Heater - Portable Home and Office Heater

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" This heater is super convenient. I always cold, and this easily solves it. I can easily plug it to the outlet, or use it with the stand to use as a space heater when I am working. I love that the set has a remote control, which means I can turn it on or off with a push of a button

Anna Ray, Oshkosh, WI

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  • Heat only what you need. Easily take it  where you need it

  • Plug directly to wall or use with a stand as space heater

  • Wall support feet Eliminate sagging and eliminate  fire hazard 

  • Overheat protection. Automatically  turn off when heater overheats 

  • Tip over detection. Tera heat automatic turn off when tipped over or not upright

  • Temperature resistant shell. Outside shell remain cool. Eliminate burn if accidentally touched 





What is the and how does it work?

Tera Heat is the only a portable space heater. You can directly plug it to your outlet, or use it with the stand as a space heater 

Does it stay plugged in or sag out if use with the outlet?

Yes. Unlike other pluggable heater that tend to sag out of the outlet due to weight, the Tera heat was design  wall support feets to ensure that the heater stays plugged in which eliminate fire hazard 

what size room can I use it with?

Any standard 11 X12 feet or master bedroom 14 X 16 feet. Past customers report using it in even larger area without problems

Does it have a good fan that blows heat out?

Yes. From testing, Tera heat has a fan that is design to heat any room within 5 minutes.

Does the heater work with a timer?

Yes the heater has a timer. You can set the timer directly on the heater, or  use the remote control which comes as part of the the set

Is It quiet enough to use in the bedroom while sleeping ?

Most of our customers find the fan acceptable to use the heater while sleeping

Can you leave it on overnight?

Yes, It turns off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. Tera heat is also designed with overheat protection. This means the heater will turn off if overheating is detected

What comes in the box/set??

1 heater, 1 remote control and 1 stand

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